Donna Bryant-Withem

Donna M. Bryant-Withem

674 Ga. Hwy 270 East

Doerun, Ga. 31768



[email protected]



For the past ten years my experience in construction has developed and grown tremendously. Performing maintenance, repair, and demolition for power plants and paper mills, has been very rewarding. It has given me the ability to work with a diverse type of personnel in extreme situations. Using power and air tool, and the knowledge to demo, prepare and install components relating to the design of the plant. Utilizing blue prints I would complete job scope as requested, cut out any metal components using a grinder, water wall saw, arc gouger, hot rod, oxy/act torch and then replace by welding using, stick, MIG or TIG welding applications, or replace by bolt up procedures when applicable.

Law Enforcement:

For ten years prior to my construction career, I was an employee for the Georgia Department of Corrections were I developed skills that would enable me to supervise and secure the inmate population for a large correctional facility. Within those responsibilities, I maintained the warehouse inventory, material safety data regulation enforcement, safety training of inmate and personal. I enforced the policy and procedure, processed all documents and performed audits with the Regional Director. My responsibilities included keeping accurate inventories on both tools and chemicals using the Microsoft excel programming system. All the duties served as a technical advisor to the superintendent, top management, staff, and operating officials of quality assurance of the facility. Any discrepancies I would determine the necessary action for correction and see that it is carried out. Upon correction I would relay that information in an inspection memo sent out to pertaining personnel.


Moultrie Area Technical College 2008-2009

Obtained a college diploma in Accounting, where I learned how to relate to debits and credits, payroll, invoicing, and billing. I can work Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Peachtree applications. I have also a small amount of experience in JD Edwards's payroll. I worked an internship with PPM and obtained the experience in constructional payroll for approximately 3 months time.

Tifton Area Technical College: 2000-2002

I obtained my welding degree and safety training during this time