iam poach

I am the leader and founder of Don't Kick My Robot (DKMR), a professional Hearthstone team. We are sponsored by Hearthstats.net, this is the best place to track your stats and see which decks are doing well and which are not!

I have broken down some of our achievements and what we are doing in/with the community. This should help you understand how connected and influential we are and see why DKMR can add additional revenues to your company.

My team is providing content to the community on a weekly basis in the form of the following:

- Meta Report (ihearthu.com)
- Deck of the week (hearthstone.blizzpro.com)
- Weekly article about HS (hearthstone.blizzpro.com)
- Deck guide (hearthstoneplayers.com)
- Homebrew (gosugamers.net)
- Podcast "live coaching" (twitch.tv/twizzcast)

We are doing very well in tournaments:

Major Tournament (Achievements):
Koth (ihearthu) - 4 wins / 1 lose (we were KOTH for over a month tying the only other person to did this)
NESL - 1st multiple times, (top 4 many times) (we just won last night out of 193 players)
2p - 1st, (top 4 many times)
Managrind - 1st, 2nd and (top 4 many times)
Zotac - 1st, 2nd and (top 4 a few times)
Topdeck - 1st, (top 4 a few times)
LH open - 1st
Soulfire Sunday - 1st multiple times (top 4 many times).