EL Dorado

For all those who are seeking for some written technical translations, or when the customers have a need for technical communication, our language experts help break through the language obstacles that hinder the smooth flow of information across international lines. We also looking for agent or vendor in foreign for our services.

Our Team:
Excellence of EL Dorado Academy is rooted in its skilled faculty and scientifically designed method of teaching. Under the guidance of its Principal-Director Prof. Bhattacharya, the academy is making a steady global expansion. Our mission is well understood by our dedicated professionals who possess years of experience in teaching language.

Our Strengths:
We provide basic and advanced courses of most of the foreign languages
The relevant study materials are also provided by us
Our course include many uncommon languages that are not taught by others
We undertake any type of Translation & Interpretation of all foreign Languages
We have already registered with Trade Mark Registry of Govt. Of India and got the authority of using TM

The El Dorado Academy Advantage:
We understand the challenges of communicating to a new and wider audience and take special care in ensuring that our translation and interpretation solutions recognizes the religious, cultural, social and political sensibilities of your target audience.

Awards and Memberships:
Our unflinching effort to provide customer focused translation services has been widely acclaimed worldwide. We take pride to state that our Director Prof. Bhattacharya has been awarded the prestigious "National Education Excellence Award 2007" by the Economic Development Forum. Not only this, he has even been invited by the Economic Development Forum to join the Advisory Board as an Honorary Member.