Dorchester Pet Sitters • 617-849-8424

Dorchester Pet Sitters provides professional, high quality services to the many furry, feathered and finned Bostonians along Dot Ave, from Lower Mills to Broadway. Founded by animal enthusiasts Martyna and Jeremy Jewell, we deliver experienced and fully insured attention and relief to your urban pet.

What makes Dorchester Pet Sitters the best dog walker and pet sitter service in South Boston and Dorchester? Simple: We are here for your pet... not the other way around. We don't sell pet food or supplies, nor do we have a retail location. We devote ourselves to your pet as an individual - we won't walk your dog in a group put together for our convenience, but only ever walk any two dogs together if it is deemed mutually beneficial for both. Because of this focus on the individual animal, we also rarely turn anyone away due to behavioral or medical problems. Try us today and see what sets us apart from the rest!