Dorian Salzmann

Student Advisor and Eternal Student in Perth, Australia

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I have a commitment to lifelong learning and operate effectively with and upon a body of knowledge to be competent professionally, vocationally and academically.

I am versed in the 7 crucial non-technical skills;
Situation Awareness
Managing Stress
Coping with Fatigue

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My Core Values;

α -
I am aware of the service commitment of the Aviation Sector and am also aware of the value of a service ethic. Whilst I always seek opportunities for close and productive involvement with communities and appropriate organisations.
β -
I display enterprise, initiative and creativity, and apply knowledge to my working life to generate innovation.
γ -
I am culturally sensitive, I appreciate other cultures and as a Political Science major, have demonstrated international and global perspectives. Whilst I am also is aware of the value of ethical action in my professional and personal life, I also preserve social justice and the assertion of the rights of myself and others.
δ -
I think critically, reason logically and have a well developed problem-solving skill-set. I can make and implement sound decisions, whilst using this integrity to communicate effectively in relevant academic and professional contexts, and as a member of the local, regional and global community.
ε -
Whilst holding a Bachelor of Aviation (BAvn), I am proud to be a supporter of Just Cause within the industry.
ζ -
My proudest achievement is having confidence, knowledge and skills in the selection and
application of technology appropriate to my field of study.

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