Dotan Meirov

The diamond business is highly competitive and it requires a knowledgeable and skilled individual to take a company from obscurity to success. Over the past 50 years House of Diamonds has grown into one of the world’s largest and most respected distributors of polished diamonds and other fine gemstones. Much of the reason for the company’s success has to do with the work of the COO (chief operating officer), Dotan Meirov.
Mr. Meirov is an expert in his field, having grown up in the business. Born in Israel, his family moved and he spent many of his childhood years living in Antwerp and learning about the diamond business from his father Benny Meirov. After graduating from Montclair College Prep High School in 1995, Dotan Meirov moved back to his family’s homeland of Israel and served two years in the Israeli Army in the Special Forces.
After his stint in the army, Dotan Meirov was ready to follow in his father’s footsteps and work in the diamond industry. He moved to New York City, New York and began working in the jewelry business. While working in New York, he employed over one hundred employees—gaining the leadership skills that would be useful throughout his career. He then spent some time working on the west coast of the US building a business to business (b2b) diamond company.
Finally, like his father before him, Dotan Meirov felt the pull of the homeland and decided to move back to Israel. He now works as the COO of House of Diamonds—a position that allows him to use the skills in leadership and his knowledge of diamonds on a daily basis. He has helped the company continue to grow and become the successful firm that it is today.
The growth that House of Diamonds has experienced so far under Meirov’s leadership is only the beginning. House of Diamonds is still growing and evolving. The future is shining bright as the diamonds themselves!

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