Student, Journalist, and Voice-over artist in Berlin, Deutschland

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I'm going to use this place as a more detailed bio about myself and my works!

First things first : My name is Kristian or simply Kris and I'm a 19 year old student of Audiovisual Media Design in the capital of Germany, Berlin.

Along with that I'm a big fan of virtual singers or singing synthesizers like VOCALOID and UTAU which I both use and try to create content with, which up to now is solely focusing on covers of already existing songs and translations of them into the German language.

Resulting with my hobby and passion I got a spot as a journalist for the multilingual singing synthesizer centric news platform VNN, which I'm also doing voice-over works for.

Other interests of mine are around video games, animated series and music in general, as well as books and reading a lot!

I also have provided the samples for the UTAU Voicebank "KOLDOS" which can be found here :


If you are interested in any of my works please check out the following links, which are leading to the individual sites.

My Twitter :

My YouTube channel :


VNN's YouTube channel :

If there are any questions left about my person or just something else, don't hesitate to write me! You can send me a DM over Twitter or use my mail adress [email protected] for contact!