sarah yates

With two gorgeous Children under the age of 2, you would assume I am busy enough! Well yes, this is true but I simply cannot contain my ideas sometimes and find myself fitting 25 hours into a 24 hour day!!

Apart from mothering my Kids, Zach and Lily, I love to explore my entrepreneurial ideas. Let me tell you about my current role. Stay at home online business Mumma!

My online store launched in 2011, now soon to head into its third year of life. This has been so far my most enjoyable job and amazingly flexible in and amongst my home-life and family priorities.

Dots & Daisies purely focuses on amazing fashion, accessories and gifts for girls aged 2-12 years. I felt a really high quality offering to this target market was needed in the online world in Australia. I sell labels from all over the world and ensure it is either emerging 'stuff' that will be hard for customers to find elsewhere and also ensure that all products are of the best quality and value for money.

I thoroughly enjoy running an online business, it is a huge passion of mine, with the vision that I can continue to positively incorporate little side gig into my life so that it continues to be and grows to be a passionate income earner for me while allowing me to spend valuable time with my adoring kids.

I am always seeking and drawing inspiration from other mothers who are or aspire to be in my situation. There is a whole community out there. I trully believe you must surround yourself with like-minded individuals so that you remain focused on the big picture and can enjoy the ride. Not only that, but having and finding some great and suitable mentors allows you to learn, grow and recover well from your mistakes, as trust me you will make many!

I hope that for anyone coming across this page will check out my online store or even one of my blogs,

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