Doug Wilson

gamer in Perth, Australia

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As an American living in Australia I've enjoyed and learned from living in two distinct cultures. I grew up with an interest in technology and computers and even at the age of 48 I continue to learn as much as I can about them on a daily basis. I got back into woodworking a couple years ago and am still very much enjoying learning new things and growing my skills.


These days I'm using Windows 10 almost exclusively, as well as the iOS on a daily basis. I've got over 30 years of professional experience with multiple graphics packages, word processing programs. and most other software related to graphic design and professional printing. I am learning to program for the iOS platform as a way to keep my programming skills up to date and provide a challenge for myself. I'm an avid gamer with over 300 games on Steam as well as having an XBox One S with a nice library of games. Games are one of the ways I relax but I also enjoy spending time reading, mostly biographies but some fiction as well, and spending time in nature.


Due to medical issues I have not been working. I've recently been cleared to go back to work which means I'll soon get back to driving and transporting people with intellectual disabilities to and from their places of work. It can be challenging but is almost always rewarding.


I grew up in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and while I love that part of the world I fell in love with a woman from Australia and moved to Perth in 1998 to spend the rest of my life with her. In February of 2019 she told me she wanted a divorce to pursue her own thing. Although we're no longer together I still love my adopted country of Australia. Adjusting to the differences in Australian culture and especially the climate has been a real challenge at times but I have zero desire to return to the United States.

  • Work
    • Student of Life
  • Education
    • Associate Degree in Computer Sciences
    • Certificate 3 in Education Support