Douglas Davidson

I am pretty blessed. My wife says it is my dumb luck.

I lead Jacadis as president and chief executive officer. We focus on helping companies make security a part of their regular routines so that they can say “yes!” to new opportunities. We are a small firm which means I still have enough freedom to work with clients. My preferred clients are other small businesses that need solid thinking on information security, privacy and compliance to help fuel their innovation or win new business.

At home is comfortable chaos. My wife and partner, Jodi, a photographer and entrepreneur in her own right, helps me raise a pack of 5 boys, Andy, Geof, Keegan, Kieran and Karsen. Then there are the 3 dogs, Ebony (Standard Poodle), Elphie (Golden Doodle) and Sully (French Boston). And the turtle, Squirt. The boys play hard and I coach some. Football. Wrestling. And, of course, Rugby which I manage to still play bit, too.

I am a Christian. An entrepreneur who believes in the positive impacts capitalism can create. I am a blogger and a public speaker. A Scouter. A Crossfitter. A Gardener. A community activist. And a life long learner.