Douglas M. Witt

Douglas M. Witt

Douglas M Witt is a social, architectural, alt-beauty, fetish and artistic photographer in Boston, MA … Going by the moniker D. Markus Witt. The truth is, he photographs everything because His PASSION is actually capturing his subjects at interesting moments in time, utilizing plays of lights and shadows to create unique compositions of lines, shapes and patterns… and the subjects can be anything.

Douglas grew up on Cape Cod with its unique beauty and vibrant art community. He began developing his artistic skills early on, drawing, painting and writing poetry and evolving his keen eye for composition. And he used his powers of observation to fuel his social commentary and inspire his muse. While in the military Douglas explored the world, including much of Asia and Europe and during this time, he began his relationship with photography which he finds a natural progression from poetry.

While attending CDIABU in Watham, MA, Douglas became passionate about the art of street photography. And his approach to street photography is steeped in his passion for observation…. Either choosing the Decisive moment, making social commentary, or finding irony and humor in daily life… it is a photojournalistic approach with a keen eye for composition. These are skills Douglas uses when shooting events and weddings, telling a unique story with clarity, style, and dynamic composition.

Douglas also enjoys shooting Architecture. And by Utilizing lines, geometric shapes, and patterns, he creates beautifully composed, crisp, linear works of art that accurately represent the structures and their unique personalities.

Douglas is also the Co-founder and sole photo-productionist for Focal Impulse Studio, Douglas and his business partner Angela (Bebe Dollface) provide top quality alt- boudior, pinup and glamour photography for everyday women in the Boston area... we hope to be coming to a boutique hotel in a city near you soon!

D. Markus Witt is also a well know Fetish and Art Erotica Photographer in the Boston Area.

Douglas is also a digital artist with many years of Photoshop experience. He is skilled in both photorealistic retouching / photo-manipulation as well as digital painting and photo-illustration.