Doug W. Rickel

Mental Health Advocate, Broadcasting, and Writer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Co-Founder & Co-Host

Unhinged Podcast -Talking Mental

The Unhinged Podcast is an in-depth look at a 30-year friendship between Doug, afflicted with a lifetime of treatment-resistant depression, and his best friend Ed, who has helplessly watched him battle this dreadful disease, year after year. More often than not, this disease kills friendships and causes major family conflict due to the fact that this is a disease people most often cannot see, and simply are not capable of dealing with it’s many challenging issues. The Unhinged Podcast offers unique insight, education, and real life experiences, with the ultimate goal of spreading awareness.Join us as we share stories, discuss the latest in mental health, technology, psychiatry, neurology, and much more.

“People just don’t understand how stressful it is to explain what’s going on in your head when you don’t even understand it yourself.”

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    • Unhinged Podcast
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    • Syracuse University -Psychology/Sociology
    • Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale -Broadcasting & Media