Dr. Imani Ma'at

Public Speaker, Life Coach, and Writer in Atlanta, Georgia

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Dr. Imani Ma'at is a Harvard Educated Acclaimed Author, Award-Winning Health Educator, and International Health and Wellness Keynote Speaker with 22 years of experience at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a Health Scientist. Her goal is to help people to Thrive - not merely survive!

Dr. Ma'at launched Healthy Haiku Productions (HHP), in 2006. She has created Healthy Haiku Workshops based on her scientifically evaluated and award-winning curriculum that infuses the arts in health education. These Workshops also grew out of the Creative experience of Co-Directing a Teen Theater Group - YES 4 Health Inc. and through working with Mentors, Youth and Women's organizations over the last 11 years. During workshops, participants learn about health issues and most importantly how to create a powerful life and environment that stimulates positive choices and healthy lives!

Dr Imani's newest book in the Healthy Haiku Series is Healthy Haiku 3: How to Fight Childhood Obesity One Poem at a Time! It is now available on Amazon along with the first two books in the Series. See lovely video: https://youtu.be/xDv5Nyw0HY0

Currently she offers several powerful programs including but not limited to: Health & Wellness Speaking Engagements and Keynote Presentations; Healthy Haiku Workshops for Youth; Life Coaching for Teens; and Wellness Consulting for Adults.

Wellness and Prosperity:Thrive HGH; Kangen Water;

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