Dr. Niama L. J. Williams

Writer, Consultant, and Teacher in Long Beach, California


Dr. Niama L. J. Williams believes that dreams deserve to be lived, and thus has committed herself and her company to liberating those who dream of a different life each day but cannot seem to actively step into that life.

After 17+ years as a part-time professor of literature and composition, Dr. Ni experienced homelessness and that revolutionized her self-concept and commitment to others.

Now Dr. Ni knows for sure that those who serve the dispossessed and the dispossessed themselves are some of the hardest working and most stressed people in our society.

She is building Blowing Up Barriers Enterprises, a company that will present workshops to social service agencies and their clients. Her focus will be meditation, regular spiritual practice and mindset change as a trifecta that precipitates spiritual grit.

Once strong enough, providers will model all three for clients, and clients will begin to rise above the social ills that plague them.

BUBE will also employ the long-term unemployed, and those on fixed-, low-, or no-income in the selling of her books, workshops, and services as an intuitive.

She understands that those who have been traumatized by poverty, violence, an almost complete lack of opportunity, addiction, et cetera, will be profoundly changed by her work and experiences. They deserve a concrete leg up in this difficult economy.

Dr. Ni earned her own leg up through a bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literature from Occidental College; a master’s in professional writing from the University of Southern California; and a master’s and Ph.D. in African American literature from Temple University.

She has written and published 13 books about recovery from trauma, and hopes to place them in treatment centers, hospitals, and welfare offices across the country to encourage and uplift those who face the dragons of life each day.

She is determined to inspire change here, in her home of Long Beach, California, first before expanding internationally.

She is currently available to structure, design, and facilitate workshops for non-profits, governmental bodies, and corporate entities throughout the United States.

You may contact her directly at https://www.alignable.com/biz/businesses/99481 to arrange consultations. Call her today!!!

  • Work
    • Golden West College
  • Education
    • Crenshaw Senior High
    • Occidental College
    • Temple University
    • University of Southern California