Dr. Nitin Paranjape

Digital Workplace Transformation Expert in Mumbai, India

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Hi there... please call me Doc - short and simple.

By qualification, I am a gynecologist. However, while studying medicine (1986), I learnt programming as a hobby. Which machine? Sinclair Spectrum (32kb). Later I developed lot of medical software and started a company which became the best Microsoft Partner in India. After being a hard-core developer and infra guy for a decade, I realized that every technology is grossly underutilized - and nobody is focusing on this issue.

So I decided to focus on it. And I chose the product which is most used as well as most underutilized - Microsoft Office. Since 2004, I have dedicated all my time to improving end-user efficiency by utilizing Office effectively.

Primarily I have only ONE customer - Microsoft itself. I work mainly in APAC region. Microsoft subsidiaries invite me regularly to various countries to demonstrate the value of Office 365 platform and drive consumption.

Over the years, I have delivered more than 2500 sessions and coached over 263,000 users globally.

I cover all kinds of audiences and topics. From internal readiness to CXO engagements. I am also effective across segments: EPG, CA, PSG, SMB, ACAD.

My sessions are highly popular and sought after. Customers call my session a "Magic show". The good part is, I am showing them how to be magicians themselves.

I write a blog every day - that is why it is called Efficiency 365. I also write books and create training courses.

My ambition is to save 15 minutes per day for every user of Office in the world. Long way to go. But the journey is exciting, interesting and rewarding.


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