Dimitrios Stergiou

Stockholm, Sweden

Bio in a nutshell

Born in Germany in 1973. Dad decided that I had to be raised in Greece (not his proudest moment), so 4 years after my birth we moved to Greece. Skipping a lot of irrelevant stuff, we came to 1985, when I got my first computer, a Spectrum ZX 48. That got me hooked, so many years later, after getting a BSc in Computer Science for the University of Portsmouth UK, I ended up working as Linux / UNIX Engineer (Solaris, HPUX, AIX, RedHat, SUSE, *BSD, anything with a root account). After 5 years of working as a UNIX engineer I decided that I liked security more and switch to become a Security Engineer, a Security Consultant and finally an Information Security Manager (aka CISO)

While working in the Information Security field, I managed to acquire the CISSP, CISA, CISA and BS 7799 LA certifications, as well attending an MSc in Information Security, University of Luleå, Sweden

Since 2008 I live in Stockholm, Sweden, with my lovely wife Nora and our Apple fanboy, aka Alexander-Hermes (loves his iPad and certainly prefers his mom's iPhone over any Android phone we currently own)

Some of the stuff I really like:

  • Apple products
  • Playing billiard (attention, I don't mean pool, I mean 3-cushion)
  • Video games (although not WoW any more)
  • TV Shows
  • ISO 27001, PCI DSS
  • Risk assessment / risk management
  • Social Engineering (you can read my MSc thesis here)