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Dayton, OH

Hi. I’m Dominique Teall. I am married to the most amazing Mr. We have three boys under the age of two...twins & a toddler...yes we are going crazy.

We have two unbeknownst to them dogs, Humphrey and Maggie. They believe they are our perma babies and we don’t really do anything to correct that.
But how did this all start Let’s do a little recap…
Kevin and I are middle school sweet hearts. We met when we were just 14 and have been together ever since.
Kevin proposed after high school and we really didn’t think life could get much better but life threw us a curve ball. Three months before our wedding I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.
Even though the ‘big C’ gave us a few bumps we were still married on the day we planned. I just had to squeeze radiation and a couple surgeries in between dress fittings and cake tasting!
We spent the next years dreaming and working toward our dreams. We bought our dream house and slowly realized buying a 105 year old fixer upper is a little (A LOT!) harder than they make it out to be on TV.
A couple of years into our DIY attack on our house we got the baby bug and nine months and one day later we had Noah.
Soon after Noah’s first birthday we found out we were expecting twins!
The twins were born very early, at 28 weeks. They had a very long hard journey in the NICU and still have a long journey ahead of them. But we are just thankful our two little miracels are here and know their futures are bright and filled with love.

So what were once well thought out blogs started to keep a journal of my pregnancy are now ramblings of a sleep deprived mom of three crazy boys.

I am a very lucky and happy girl.

All in all I am just trying to enjoy every second of my life…usually covered in pug fur.


The twins were born almost 3 months premature. They were born November 10th, 2012.

They have had a very rough road in the NICU. Both contracted a life threatening, highly fatal infection NEC in the NICU.

They are still recovering in the NICU.

Evan is expected to come home soon but Aiden has a long road ahead.

You can keep up on this blog or on their facebook page for updates from the family and Dominique.

Any questions can be directed toward Dominique at or through their facebook page.

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