Daniel Teweles

 Daniel Teweles works with international movements,                                        companies, and think tanks to harness the power of                                                              the public through grassroots engagement, business                                    development, and digital strategy. Daniel's experience                                             includes representing a foreign government in                                                  Washington, coordinating public infrastructure in east                                               Africa, restructuring one of the world's largest student                                          movements, managing America's largest political                                        crowdsourcing platform, and leading business and                                    product development at the intersection of technology                                                      and politics in the media industry. 

 Daniel is an Ambassador for the Alliance of Youth                                                Movements, an Echenberg Human Rights Fellow at                                                        McGill University, a recipient of the Congressional Medal                                                    of Merit, and serves on the advisory boards of Falling                                                Whistles, Full Court Peace, and Righteous Pictures. That's                                                      a lot of mumbo jumbo all to say that he digs helping good                                          people do great work. It's all about passion.