Jan Bo Kristensen

Editor In Chief and Lead Solution Manager in Nivå, Danmark

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I love what I do!

I earn my living as outsourcing Solution Manager at KMD. I'm not making a living as Editor-in-Chief on the online magazine GamersLounge. Here I publish news, reviews & interviews in the field of games gadgets & movies. In my leasure time I enjoy hunting, practical shooting and like playing computer games.

Organizations, projects and teams benefit from my persistence and energy. Combined with my versatile background and my ability to understand and learn fast, I will quickly be able to add value to customer facing sales and technical roles.

I have excellent technical knowledge and commercial insight, combined with the ability to articulate, describe and present complex matters in a clear and understandable way.

I have worked as a professional in areas ranging from software and microcode development over middleware systems integration, project management to product strategy, learning, change management, service delivery and sales.

I am extrovert, creative, dynamic and am always willing to embrace changes and challenges.

Thank you for stopping by ^_^

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