Dustin Haywood

Ohio, United States

My name is Dustin Haywood. I am a Video Production Specialist & Social Media Marketing Brand Manager at a marketing firm in Coshocton OH where I also handle IT, and some website developing and maintenance, I'm a Part-time College Professor teaching Digital Media Design at Central Ohio Technical College. I video tape weddings on the weekend for my company Moments & Memories Media. My wife and I also are Beachbody coaches and love helping people with their Health & Fitness. In addition I plan and manage many local 5k/10k mud running events locally in our town.

I have an awesome wife named Megan, who is the love of my life. Megan and I have one daughter named Mayda and a labradoodle named Marley.

I played basketball in HS and College and love playing to this day. I also have found a love for running and have completed many races including the Columbus Marathon in 2010. I also have completed many Mud Run events, including the Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, and Indian Mud Run multiple times each. And, absolutely love mountain biking and road cycling. Basically if it is a sport and outdoors, I am in!

I have loved hip-hop music ever since I was in Junior High and heard Warren-G's Regulate. I love a variety of music genres. There are good artists in every classification, if it's good I listen to it. I also dabble with music production in my home studio, which consists of a microphone and my laptop, where my friends and I like to write and produce hip-hop music.

Basically I'm awesome!

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