Emily Slocum

Author, Screenwriter, and Playwright in Germany

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Emily Slocum is an American writer who has published a variety of stage plays, screenplays, short story collections and flash fiction.

She currently works as a freelance auhor, screenwriter and editor in Cologne, Germany.

Short films:

Three Two One, Chiaroscuro, One Day, A Mess


The M

Script Advisor:

Beyond Red Lines

Theater - Stage plays:

'Loney Birds and Shadow Figures'

Chorlton Players, Manchester UK https://chorltonplayers.com/latest/coming-next/

Off The Wall Plays (Publisher):

- https://goo.gl/XqY52N

- https://goo.gl/98r7kg

Theaterbörse (Theaterverlag):

- https://goo.gl/CsB3sq

- https://bit.ly/2IzXspg

Readingroom MIKROKOSMOS-Festival 2018 (Monolog):


Writer (Crime Short Story Collections):

PONS Ernst Klett Verlag

- https://bit.ly/2J0nMHF

- https://bit.ly/2L7fM8b


- https://goo.gl/wcKSgY

Stoyo Media (Script Writer & Revision Editor):

- https://www.stoyo.io

Landmann31 Gallery (Writer):

- https://goo.gl/bDX44e

Indiefilmtalk (Articles):


- https://indiefilmtalk.de/?p=1185

- https://indiefilmtalk.de/?p=1206

Exaude.com (Articles)

- https://de.exaude.com

Bread & Beauty Magazine (Short Story):


Free Pen Verlag (Short story):

- https://goo.gl/pX1hVt

Un.Sung Magazine (Short Story):

- https://goo.gl/77gRYy

Flash Fiction Magazine (Flash Fiction):

- https://goo.gl/85WDRM

- https://goo.gl/Mkwvyg

Monday Morning Magazine (Flash Fiction)

- https://bit.ly/310IIX3

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