E. M. Slocum

Writer in Deutschland

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E.M Slocum is an American writer and has published short story collections, stage plays, scripts and flash fiction stories.

Landmann31 Gallery, Exhibition:

- https://goo.gl/bDX44e

Script Writing & Revision Editorial (Script Writer & Editor):

- https://www.stoyo.io

Off The Wall Plays:

- https://goo.gl/XqY52N

- https://goo.gl/98r7kg

PONS (Klett Verlag):

- https://goo.gl/dEUejh

- https://goo.gl/wcKSgY

Free Pen Verlag:

- https://goo.gl/pX1hVt

Flash Fiction Magazine:

- https://goo.gl/85WDRM

- https://goo.gl/Mkwvyg


- https://goo.gl/CsB3sq

Un.Sung Magazine:

- https://goo.gl/77gRYy

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