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Business Development Strategy in Boston, Massachusetts

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Welcome to the home page of the David Cutler Network at DavidCutler.Net


I help grow companies by taking advantage of shifts in business and technology while keeping our humanity. My range spans the Fortune 500 to the startups they fear.

As Managing Director of tech development firm Creative Chaos, I am psyched to help Startups and marketing service agencies increase their revenue with new deep-tech solutions for their clients.


My hope is to talk about you and your business goals... But first, here is a bit more about how I can help and what I believe.


If you put sales and customer service at the center of every part of your company, then let's talk about understanding buyers, building solutions, inspiring participation, and growing business when you require an integrated strategy across multiple departments, industries, and technologies.

One focus is optimizing employee and customer engagement by inspiring pride and productivity (in that order, of course).

Lately I have been providing "Digital Innovation Labs on Demand" to find your advantage with the NEW best-practices around Customer Experience, Content Creation, Mobile Engagement, Social Selling, IoT, Augmented Reality... and lots of other real opportunities that are more than just buzzwords.


There are two types of problem-solving:

1) Quick connections for fast solutions

2) A strategic method of clarifying the right mix of marketing promotion and technology that integrates with the existing agendas across your company and market ecosystem...

... Both Work.


Eat or be Eaten

For the last decade, I have been encouraging participation with new media and the Internet economy... sharing questions and answers around our digital marketing diet at EatMedia.com


Here are a few things I believe are important:

- Always clarify who your audience is (lately). Ask them what they need and what they really think of you

- Your marketing message and promise should simply be the truth. Know your

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