Have a nice sham for finish line make sure that the impressions are clear if you have any tags or poles just repeat the impression because you're only doing service for your patient and they'll. Appreciate it on the final result comes and what type of how the you prefer to have your occlusion recorded of bites full arch impressions are always the best we do have issues with. The triple trays that sometimes are not so bad if it's a single tooth and there's not much going on but we always prefer full arch impressions that gives us the big picture I like this one. Or two questions about reduction because I know this comes up a lot and I feel like I will plan for ceramic case and and when we see the amount to case I may not have produced enough. In the posterior for reduction truly what is the depth that we need for now ceramic Arial we need at least 1/2 mm the cores for zirconium because that is the new materials.