EH Watson

London, United Kingdom.

I should start this biography by confessing that E.H.Watson is in fact a pseudonym that I have adopted for publishing my previous written works and numerous other content that I create that are featured on various sites across the internet. It is true however that I am a British man and am currently a relatively young 35 years of age as of writing on Saturday 25th January 2014. I'm currently based in North London, United Kingdom.

My reason for adopting a pseudonym is simple. I participate in many other entrepreneurial activities and ventures both offline and online and although I don't doubt that the majority of the people I meet through my various endeavours are basically decent and open-minded, some people are somewhat more conservative and some may frown on my lifestyle. These people are I am sure decent human beings and are of course entitled to their own opinions. To avoid any embarrassment to them, I publish under a different name. That's my sole reason for publishing my writings and other transgender-loving content under a pseudonym.

I travel whenever possible and enjoy great locations, great nightlife, delicious food and above all sexual hedonism - all legal of course. I have a fascination for and love of transsexuals but consider myself bisexual as I have enjoyed and enjoy encounters with transsexuals, men and women.

My graphic and explicit erotic books can be found on Amazon using the link below:

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My approach to writing is that I only include and write about my sexual experiences. Even though my books are categorised as erotica fiction on sites like Amazon, they would more accurately be described as non-fiction. I write in graphic and exquisite detail about my sexual encounters and don't hold back in conveying the sensations, erotic pain and pleasure that I enjoy. That is why my readers love my work I believe.

I'm liberal in my approach to human freedoms and the rights of the LGBT community and believe in free speech and privacy rights for all world citizens.

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