Eilyn Cueto

Designer in the United States

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Eilyn Cueto has come to understand that it is passion that guides the soul. It is her passion that eventually led her to Costa Rica, where she worked for a number of years in that country, before she returned to Miami to open her own company. During her time in Costa Rica, she looked for an up-and-coming designer, until she realized she had become exactly that. She discovered her fresh design vision while still in college, as she worked as a freelance designer under the tutelage and supervision of a licensed architect.

From her platform, Eilyn Cueto has been able to design and build numerous public spaces, including hotels, restaurants, markets and many more. She has provided clients throughout the state of Florida and internationally with the highest-quality design services. Her work has been featured all over the media, as well as in magazines. She also works with a large number of community charities, including The Salvation Army, KidSanctuary Campus, and the international chapter of Un Techo para mi Pais (A Roof for my Country), because she believes in giving back to her community.