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'Adventures in Paradise' takes the News of The World hacking scandal in London, and from that serious material creates a romantic comedy with enough drama, suspense, and criminal intrigue to just barely escape being called Hitchcockian. 'AIP' addresses privacy, the people's so-called right to know, privilege, obstacles professional women face, access to power, and love as a real possibility between people who learn to trust. On one level, 'Adventures in Paradise's raises questions about the very idea of relatedness in our age, where everyone is connected but in increasingly invasive and dubious ways.

It's a mixed genre screenplay that's romantic, funny, dramatic, and at times savage, with a plot bump about every five minutes.

Think romantic comedy with serious ideas set in the poshest locations in London, Cornwall, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Geneva, Marbella, and St John. International and glamorous in scope, yet populated with characters who bring every location into focus in a very real way.

Clive Reade is the third richest man in the world with a fortune in luxury resorts who faces a major tabloid crisis ... Aurora Blunton, a journalist, goes head-to-head with Clive eventually becoming his ally, and bringing the spirit of both Hepburns (Audrey and Kate) to the fray. Together Clive and Aurora investigate a string of hackings that stretch across London society revealing corruption at its highest levels.

There is a Downton Abbey aspect to parts of the film, while other scenes take the reader into the company of Liverpudlian thugs, and spoiled Hollywood brats.

Written for a mostly British cast in three acts, Anglophiles, media buffs, and comedy fans everywhere will enjoy the film's playful spirit. The fabulous roles written for women ages 30 to 80, and many roles for men guarantee all the actors will have lots of fun.

Packed with fascinating characters that drive the plot, 'Adventures in Paradise' is registered with the WGA, and has become my favorite pet project, mostly because I believe it has long legs ... Meaning once it is produced, it will continue to make lots of money for years to come.

Other projects include Return to Paradise, a sequel, and Pride and Prejudice and Teddy Bears in 3-D.

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