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Hello ... I'm a screenwriter, editor, traveler, and former university professor with a number of mixed genre screenplays and a novel that need representation by someone keen on great writing, and my pitch here is for a feature film loosely based on London's Hackgate scandal, that offers fully half its roles to women.

'Adventures in Paradise' updates the male and female dynamic of Kate Hepburn and Cary Grant with a dash of film noir and bags of smart dialogue from the screwball comedy tradition, to deliver a romantic comedy-revenge caper loaded with serious ideas, but not always presented with a straight face.

I have written more than 25 major roles for women and men across three generations and several continents, and I'm particularly proud of the funny and intelligent roles I've written for women, ages 20-80.

'Adventures in Paradise' places Great Britain in a wildly successful context referencing the Downton Abbey-like world of London's Mayfair with Clive Reade, my protaganist, while other developments put us in the company of a misplaced and intelligent tabloid reporter from Cambridge, Aurora Blunton; Hollywood divas, California playboys, Liverpudlian crooks, bent coppers, Fleet Street thugs, and a loveable Dickensian hero from Cornwall ... And I don't mind saying, I'm one hoarse ventriloquist and former method actor.

'Adventures in Paradise' is a mixed genre, high energy film with no zombies, cannibals or aliens but it does raise serious questions about being related in invasive, questionable, and increasingly outrageous ways.

Adventures manages, whilst still being funny, to force issues related to personal privacy, press responsibility, truth in reportage; stalking, hacking, power abuses, and the one thing that will change all of us for the better: the way women are treated professionally by men in power.

I am seeking representation or management with people who support entertaining films by, about, and for women, especially films with a special focus on the UK ... Historical films, animated mixed genre films, London films, Cornish films ... Interested?

Contact me at europabridge1@gmail.com or 1.617.583.3950 ... Meanwhile, check out my video pitch for the first Hackgate screenplay 'Adventures in Paradise' featuring some casting suggestions: Michael Caine as Cyrus Aecheleos, my Hackgate supervillain ...


'Adventures in Paradise' is US copyrighted and registered with the Writer's Guild of America East.

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