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Hello, and thanks for stopping by.

I'm a screenwriter, editor, and former New York City luxury realtor and university professor who has a number of mixed genre screenplays that need representation, and the pitch below is for what I'd call my most glorious blockbuster.

'Adventures in Paradise' raids the Hackgate scandal in London, and from that complex material fashions a romantic comedy-revenge caper with enough tension, suspense, and intrigue to wander into Hitchcock's territory ... A mixed genre film, thankfully there are no Zombies or Cannibals - unless you count the tabloids.

Privacy, the British concept of the people's right to know, abuse of power, and love as a real possibility are relentlessly explored in 'Adventures' for comic, ridiculous, romantic, and dramatic effects. I raise questions about being related in an age in which we're all connected through social media, but in more invasive, evasive, and dubious ways - like hacking, blagging, stalking, spying, and slanderous tabloid fabrications to feed a public grown fat on lies ... Oof!

I also draw on the slapstick comedies of Hepburn and Grant, a bit of film noir, and lots of smart dialogue. Think romantic comedy-revenge caper written with serious ideas, but not always presented with a straight face. I try not to be too literal with Hackgate, while still capturing the essence of NOTW's scandalously sick violations ... There are more than 20 major roles for both women and men of all ages to bring these epic events to life, and I am proud to have written many intelligent and hilarious roles for women.

'Adventures in Paradise' is my answer to Brexit placing Great Britain in an international, controversial, and wildly successful context. There are Downton Abbey dimensions with the third richest man in the world as its focus (hopefully Colin Firth), while other scenes venture into the thuggish company of Liverpudlian crooks and Hollywood brats (hopefully Chris Hemsworth).

Copyrighted and registered with the WGA, 'Adventures in Paradise' has become my pet project, mostly because I believe it has long legs ... P.S. Other scripts are more intimate, boutique, period, and genre but I'd like to begin with 'Adventures' on the screen.

Interested? Call or text me at 1.617.583.3950 or email me: europabridge@gmail.com

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