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Hello . . . I am a screenwriter, former struggling actor, editor, traveller, and ex-university professor with some mixed genre screenplays and 'Borrowed Light' a novel that needs representation by an agent keen on original writing. And my pitch here is for a feature film loosely based on London's #Hackgate scandal offering half its roles to women.

'Adventures in Paradise' updates the male and female dynamic of Kate Hepburn and Cary Grant with a dash of film noir, Mr Darcy, and bags of smart dialogue from the screwball comedy tradition to deliver a romantic comedy-revenge caper loaded with serious ideas, but not always presented with a straight face.

I've written more than 40 roles for women and men across seven generations and several continents, and I'm particularly proud of the hilarious and intelligent roles I've written for British talent. This is a film to be made in England connecting with the global community by advocating women’s rights, media responsibility, and privacy protection in a very forward-thinking entertainment. And yet it never preaches.

'Adventures in Paradise' presents Clive Reade as a wealthy (third-richest CEO) gentleman who becomes the object of a vicious tabloid vendetta due to an old family rivalry. An undercover reporter, Aurora Blunton with her own #metoo story enters Clive's life after he is betrayed in the worst possible way by his former girlfriend, Diane Gregory, Hollywood design diva. Together they form an unbeatable team to follow the stench of a tabloid empire to its core and rediscover love. The ethical, romantic, and comic rewards are great for Clive and Aurora, and for London, the returns are perhaps greater.

'Adventures in Paradise' is an unabashedly glamorous, high paced entertainment with a large cast of eccentric Brits, and no zombies, cannibals or CGI pyrotechnics. It originally and charmingly explores ideas to change us all for the better; in particular, the way women are treated professionally and personally by men in power.

People in the film industry who support entertainments by, about, and for women, especially films with a focus on the UK will appreciate my vision.

Check out my handmade video pitch for casting ideas for the first original #Hackgate screenplay 'Adventures in Paradise'.

Thank you for your interest.

'Adventures in Paradise' is Library of Congress copyrighted and registered with Writer's Guild of America East, 2018.

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Borrowed Light' concerns the life of Elan Durham's smart, fierce, and witty heroine Jean Turner, and it is a full blown, wonderful ... sometimes hilarious, sometimes scathing and gorgeous sail through a life, which includes a childhood in South, lives in Los Angeles and New York, and then a luminous if ambivalent and hard earned redemption back in the South Carolina. Elan Durham writes a fiction of surprising beauty and humour."
Rebecca Lee, author Bobcat and Other Stories and The City is a Rising Tide