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Hello, and thanks for stopping by.

I'm a screenwriter, editor, and former New York City luxury realtor and university professor who has a number of mixed genre screenplays (and a book) that need representation, and the pitch below is for what I'd call a full two hour blockbuster based on the hacking scandal in London.

'Adventures in Paradise' draws on the male and female dynamic of Hepburn and Grant, a bit of film noir, and lots of smart dialogue from the screwball comedy tradition of Howard Hawks, so think romantic comedy meets revenge caper written with serious ideas, but not always presented with a straight face.

I try not to be too literal with Hackgate, while still capturing the essence of NOTW's scandalous violations with more than 20 major roles for both women and men across generations to bring these epic events to life. And I am proud to have written intelligent, hilarious, and essential roles for women that cannot be cut or relegated to minor duties.

'Adventures in Paradise' places Great Britain in an international, controversial, and wildly successful context referencing the Downton Abbey-like world of London's Mayfair, with the third richest man in the world as its protagonist, while other scenes wander into the thuggish company of Liverpudlian crooks, Fleet Street media bullies, jet setters, Hollywood brats, and a hugely appealing but dangerous California playboy.

#AIP is a mixed genre film with no Zombies, Cannibals or aliens--unless you count the paps and stalkers working for the British tabs!

finally, I also raise questions about being related in the age where we're all connected through social media, but in more invasive, evasive, and dubious ways ... like hacking, blagging, stalking, spying, and tabloid fabrications to feed a public grown fat and lazy on lies ... Oof!

Copyrighted and registered with the WGA, 'Adventures in Paradise' has become my pet project, mostly because I believe it has long legs as a box office hit, and who knows ... It may eventually have an effect on the way people see privacy, press responsibility, and truth in reportage, while giving you all a very good time in the theatre.

Like what you hear? Be in touch with me at europabridge1@gmail.com or 617-583-3950.

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