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Hello and thanks for visiting ... I'm a writer, screenwriter, former actor, editor, and ex-university professor with a novel, and some mixed genre screenplays that need representation by an agency keen on original Women's voices. And my pitch here is for a highly commercial feature film set in London that offers fully half of its roles to women.

I've written roles for women and men across seven generations and several continents, and I'm excited about the many roles (more than 40) I've written for British talent. This is a Made-in-England branded film venture (with a sequel) connecting to the global community in ways that highlight privacy, the #metoo movement, media accountability, and love vs. betrayal in a funny, posh, surprising, and witty entertainment with something for everybody.

Progressive agents, producers, directors, actors, and people in the media world who love boldly intelligent and fast-paced films are welcome to check out my video casting pitch for the first original London #Hackgate screenplay 'Adventures in Paradise' below. And check out my novel (review) that I envision as a miniseries.

Be in touch if you would like to know more ...👆

'Adventures in Paradise' is Library of Congress copyrighted and registered with WGA East.

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