Bob Tregilus

Photographer in Reno, Nevada

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Bob produces and hosts the Plug In America Show and he contributes an occasional show to Hacker Public Radio. He's also a photographer, isn't everybody these days?

Bob's interests vary widely--as well as wildly--and include nearly everything with the exception of sports (drag- and air-racing are okay though); screeching babies (they're like fingernails on a blackboard); television (the plug-in-drug); mindless commercial pop culture [fill in the blank] (it kills brain cells faster than moonshine); and Brussels sprouts (they look tasty, but aren't).

Mostly Bob is an amateur (sometimes professional) policy wonk and troublemaker (read: community organizer) in the areas of renewable energies, electric drive transportation, civil liberties, GNU/Linux, and economic justice.

When Bob isn't netcasting on the Plug In America Show or Hacker Public Radio you can find him on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. Or if he's outside--his preferred environment--he might be found hiking in the Sierra Nevada backcountry or the high desert Basin and Ranges of his home state of Nevada shooting photographs. Can't find him there? Then look in his machine shop or in his garden creating real wealth (food) unlike the societal-leeches who infest Wall Street. Or Bob might be playing with Schrödinger "Ding" the super-symmetric, super-positioned, quantum string theory kitty. (Well, Ding plays when he isn't working on his Grand Unified Theory equations.)

Bob likes desert, sun, rocks, sagebrush, and sky. "Enter at your own risk. Carry water. Avoid the noonday sun. Try to ignore the vultures. Pray frequently."--Edward Abbey, 1977.

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