Electra Ariail

Soul Cheerleader and Brainstorming Firestarter in Greenville, South Carolina

Hi! I'm a mom, wife, lover of life...an entrepreneur, a soul cheerleader, a spreader of lovingkindness & sunshine! I'm passionate about brainstorming, idea generation, and creative marketing. Creating meaningful messages, expanding product lines, and amplifying connection between your products/services & your customers is my zone of genius.

I've worked on projects for the Oprah Winfrey Network, Akshaya Patra, Dr. Oz's HealthCorps, an NFL player, and prominent life coaches and small businesses around the country.

LET ME HELP YOU. Your message is important and it matters. Here's what other people have to say:

"One of the most creative and fun loving people I have ever met, Electra inspires me to think differently and has a unique talent for coming up with new and fresh ideas. She truly is a shining light in this world; a precious soul; a rare jewel." ~Jayne Cormie TheThinkingBusiness.com

"Electra is a creative genius. Her ability to couple profound creative insights with inspiring actionable agendas baffles my mind. She's a first-class coach, activator, and a huge-hearted mama. I've experienced firsthand the astonishing positive impact she's made in my business." ~Jacob Sokol Sensophy.com

"Electra is one of the most compassionate, energetic, and creative people you'll find. She'll be your most supportive cheerleader, literally shouting encouragement to you as you work toward your goals. I've been so fortunate to benefit from her skills and imagination." ~Nathan Agin

"Electra has been been one of my greatest nudges in life... she nudges you to LEAP just when think you may not have any wings to fly. Through her commitment, dedication, and passion to assisting others inshining their light, she orchestrated one of my life's greatest adventures from across a continent. I have never known anyone with such a huge heart, and she gives from the overflow of who she is - a radiant, abundant, fulfilled, soulful, creative lighthouse of a woman." ~Andrea DiLorenzo

"Electra = Passionate. She IS her name. I have been electrified by her passion, presence, loyalty, respect, work ethic, honor...Her creativity is on fire. It is a gift to know her." ~Espree Devora WeAreLATech.com

  • Education
    • College of Charleston