Electra Ariail

Greenville, SC

I'm a passionate entrepreneur who helps companies and people infuse love into their messages and brands to make them memorable. I amplify the connection between your products and services and the people who buy them. Using social media, print and digital souvenirs, and guerrilla marketing techniques, I create meaningful messages that stick with people.
I've worked on projects for the Oprah Winfrey Network, Akshaya Patra, Dr. Oz's HealthCorps, an NFL player, and prominent life coaches and small businesses around the country.


Your message is important and it matters. Let me support and amplify your message and reach the people that need to hear it most. We'll brainstorm and figure out how to make your dreams happen and I'll be there to support, strategize, and encourage you!

You be the superhero and I'll be the sidekick who helps you infuse goodness and energy into your mission or brand. Whether you're a billion dollar business or a solopreneur, I'll be your fierce ally, hold you accountable, and generate ideas and strategy to spread your story. Here's what other people have to say:

"One of the most creative and fun loving people I have ever met, Electra inspires me to think differently and has a unique talent for coming up with new and fresh ideas. She truly is a shining light in this world; a precious soul; a rare jewel" ~Jayne Cormie TheThinkingBusiness.com

"Electra is a creative genius. Her ability to couple profound creative insights with inspiring actionable agendas baffles my mind. She's a first-class coach, activator, and a huge-hearted mama. I've experienced firsthand the astonishing positive impact she's made in my business" ~Jacob Sokol Sensophy.com

"Electra is one of the most compassionate, energetic, and creative people you'll find. She'll be your most supportive cheerleader, literally shouting encouragement to you as you work toward your goals. I've been so fortunate to benefit from her skills and imagination" ~Nathan Agin