Elena Paltseva

consulting, trading, and fund-raising in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"I chose Canada to be my home. I came to feel proud to say I am a Canadian citizen," Elena said. "I have walked in [their] shoes, so when someone comes and asks for our services, I know the challenges, the sacrifice and can certainly help"

Elena is a Founding Member of IWB, where she helps other newcomers. IWB unites females thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, activists, who are looking to collaborate with core of Toronto strong women that can help grow and develop IWB - Immigrant Women in Business organization into a real force for economic power, networking, and education for all immigrant business women in Canada.

Elena is proud to bring to the market Unique Fundraising Program that MAKE the World a Better Place to Live! Program that offers a WIN-WIN-WIN Solution, A New Way of Giving, Transparency and Engagement focused on latest strategies and Technologies - catered to Millennial Generation..

Elena is a founder of Toronto-based consulting firm specializing in preparing and implementing a comprehensive individualized strategies to assist businesses and individuals immigrate to Canada through investment, trade and career opportunities. If your dream is to live in Canada, our dedicated team will guide you to ensure that your goals are achieved.

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