Elke P. Eich

Consultant, Writer, and Social Media Manager in Berlin, Deutschland

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Born in a German village, 3 km near the Belgian boarder, I grew up as the youngest of four children. In a business household this was, surrounded by television sets and electric appliances.
Dad, a radio and television pioneer, was my hero. Just loved to accompany him to bring moved images into peoples' homes! While he was repositioning the antenna I was feeding back to him when the picture quality was best. Envying my 10 years older brother for being supported in playing football and getting bigger pieces of meat on his plate, the setting was competitive! But I managed to be part of the ordering team whenever it came to decide on new products for our shop where, at the age of 5, I had installed a desk to write (invented) business correspondence. My eldest sister, 20 years older than me, had taught me how to read and write. (Where the hell I've left those two letters from back then!?)

My entire life I've been passionate about singing (Mom introducing me to operetta!), dancing, foreign languages and... Human Nature - wanted to understand people and social dynamics. Before starting my psychology studies, I intended to join Lufthansa, to see the world. They were to hire me, but instead of letting me fly I should work on the ground at Frankfurt airport - an offer I rejected. Instead, I moved to fascinating Berlin. Employed with IHK (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) I assisted to promote the city's business potential and finally got into my psychology courses, complemented by internships in RBT (Rational Behaviour Therapy) & RET (Rational Emotive Therapy) in the US. By then I had already launched my career in Qual Market Research and gained valuable insights in dealing with official visitors from all over the world on behalf of the protocol services of the City of Berlin. Besides, my journalistic journey (print, radio and photo) widened the horizons.

The most important? My three children, born in '95, '97 and '01! They inspired me to conceptualize and maintain for 10 years a commmercial mother-/parenthood project embedding personalized consulting. Along the line with constantly mutating parental challenges, the shaping process of my entrepreneurial identity goes on - in market research, social business and communication. Crossing over, developing concepts and reframing - in various cultural, social and business contexts - with great empathy - to find the universal as well as the rare!

  • Work
    • Marcom - Business connections - Editing
  • Education
    • Free University of Berlin