Ellie B Brown

Executive Producer, Entertainer, and Promoter in Beverly Hills, California

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Ellie Brown, known by followers as EllieB, is a recognized visionary who has designed a brand based on positive-action, service to others, and a return to classic entertainment.

This is a fully empowered woman, entrepreneur, entertainer, and grandmother of four, who believes it is critical to 'unleash' creativity. A testimony to resilience, her improvisational and multi-dimensional talent is at once mesmerizing, as it is fun and engaging. To those who know of her dedication to the emerging artist and entrepreneur, EllieB is considered a safe, non-combative political and religious-neutral personality. As a result, the EllieB's brand has attracted a significant loyal following from diverse sectors around the globe.


Prior to launching EBBP in 2014, Ellie Brown had a three-decade successful career in branding development including various roles as a public relations specialist, producer, and broadcaster. She spent much of her professional life working with people battling addiction with special emphasis on adolescent addiction, gangs, eating disorders and violence prevention. Also, much of her stage, television, radio and print experience is the result of her award-winning production to high level educational, corporate and government entities.

Prior to his passing, her mentor, Merv Griffin, was in pre-production of her courageous personal and professional life-story with the intention of it being ‘the next Erin Brockovich film.’

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