Emerson Pinheiro

London, United Kingdom.

EMERSON PINHEIRO started drama school at the age of 10.

On 2004 he moved to London England and in early 2007 Emerson was involved in a game show called ‘Strangers’ produced by BBC Manchester and at the same year he been involved too in intensive acting course in Central London.

From 2008, Emerson decided to study Cinema and he start to write his own projects. His 1st script was a supernatural film "Spiritual Contact the Movie", a movie based on his own paranormal experiences that happened to him at age of 11. Emerson's words "13 months was the time that the script took to write. Remembering all those paranormal events that were part of my life was a fantastic experience. Details that only acquired depth after writing. Two entirely different worlds (physical and spiritual) that met had the overwhelming power of completely changing my life. Believe it or not, the Spiritual World is real."

2011 he founded Atalaia Films, also in the same year he start to work in the film industry in front and behind the camera.

Today he is working on his 2nd Feature Film called "Uncovering the Illusion".

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    • Atalaia Films
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