Emily Iannielli

Brooklyn New York

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Hi! I'm a very complicated person but it wasn't my intention. I'm just trying to be who I felt I was since I was 3 years old. I'm now living as Emily. I have some wisdom to share I learned as a child. It is very true what my parents told me when I was a young boy and I have held those words of wisdom close to my heart never losing sight of it. My dad once told me that when a young man grows up, faces his life as an adult he will face the world with many choices, He will encounter challenge, disappointment, joy, accomplishment, sorrow, heartbreak, celebration, loneliness, friendships and a drive that comes from within that makes everything possible. My mom, being the sensitive and caring one always told me to always have love in my heart and never lose sight of my dreams and my hopes. She always said that we live our life in God's image and he has a plan for all of us and when we learn this then we will go out into the world and do all the good things we are supposed to do and we will seek a companion to share our love, our heart and our soul with. My parents both had a way of touching me with their love and their words of hope and inspiration. They had provided me a life full of wonderful and cherished memories that I enjoy to this day and it helps me in raising my son. I always knew that life was something of a mystery and just felt blessed to be experiencing it with my family and the ones I love. When I add another year to my life and share it with my family I am truly grateful and the memories of the past and the new memories will forever be a part of me and will be carefully tucked away in the recesses of my mind. When I think back to my childhood and I see through the eyes of an adult who is now a loving husband and a very caring and devoted father I sometimes wonder how I am so blessed to still be here and to have such a wonderful family and how the time has just passed by in such a way that I find myself puzzled that 5 decades have come and gone and I still feel the same as I did when I saw the world through kid's eyes. I certainly have matured and have met many challenges and responsibilities along the way and experienced all that my mom and dad said I would.

  • Work
    • Advocate for my son
  • Education
    • John F. Kennedy High School (Bellmore)
    • Nassau Community College
    • Virginia Tech
    • Hofstra University