enrique perez

La Quinta, CA

...maybe it's time you did!!!

about me: I have been surrounded with creativity senses from infancy. When I was a 2nd grader i drew my first image of Batman and I still remember my classmates reactions: "That's pretty good! You should work around CREATIVITY like this when you get older!" they said.

{ Fast forward a couple of years later and here I am. }

While my 12 years experience as a Digital Design instructor has given me the confidence to work well with others, is my creative drive that becomes invaluable for your brand or business. I can enhance your website, social media page or create a smart phone App for you and your customers!

Connect with me -see what's possible!

ps: Want to see actual results? go to: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appmakr.app285880

..and see how may times my successful android app has been downloaded worldwide!!!

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