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My name is Dr J C Dimetri or just Joseph, I am an environmentalist and animal welfare activist. I founded the International Animal Rescue Foundation that is run by many staff with separate staff online to help with the copious amount of pages that the organisation owns of which I am the president and founder.

Environmental and animal welfare to botanical horticulture has always been my passion of which I spent a total of 21 years at university studying some 70+ separate subjects in various European Nations studying for my masters, veterinary medical degree, botanic and agricultural horticulture to environmental sciences, and more

Some people dislike the fact because I am outspoken however that is the way I am and always will be, I believe that the destructive world that we reside in today needs a firm kick up the ass, and beating round the bush solves little but harms more.

I am separated due to my intense work now of which I have two budding children one girl and one boy both that are following in their fathers footsteps. I live in Spain however have three homes of which I travel to various nations whilst working, along with owning my own international rescue center within the United Kingdom.

I have learnt much in life and that is to respect the planet'd flora and fauna that we live within but most of all to help repair the damage that our elders caused thus passing this experience and knowledge down to my pier's and to students that I train in my spare local time.

A vegan of thirty plus years I have been however it's not something that I practice to "save our biodiversity" a diet and belief simply doesn't work to preserve and conserve our natural flora and fauna.

I have only one thing to say and that's don't waste my time, I worked hard to get to where I am today and to some people that is "a threat" why (One simply doesn't understand) violence and aggression in this world that's being used to "try" and solve world issues doesn't wash with me neither does it work to protect our fragile ecological bubble we all live in.

Should you wish to contact me please email me at my main office address.

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