Epoch Opus

1000 Van Ness San Francisco, CA

Epoch Opus is a conscious exploration of Post Modernism versus Deconstructionism through art. The collaborative effort pulls from ideas and images that reflect on the past juxtaposed with the present. Referencing youth culture and Americana with a graphic street art sensibility the work is grand in scale showing focused effort and exuberance.

The work was produced at American Steel Studios in Oakland and was specifically created to be displayed at the Historic Cadillac Showroom at 1000 Van Ness Ave in San Francisco with an aesthetic suggesting theatrical set design.

This collaboration features artists Isaac Saavedra, Anthony Aversano, & Aurelius Tishlarish. Special Thanks to guest artists Sami Nageau, K.C. Taylor, Monica Trujillo and Justin Wall.

A previous collaboration by artists Isaac Saavedra and Anthony Aversano, Destin Manifesto, was exhibited in San Francisco, Oakland, and by Art meets Architecture in Los Angeles.



  • Work
    • Reception May 18th @ 6pm
  • Education
    • Exhibiting through the Month of May