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Eric Morris

Ithaca, New York, United States

My life story, as told in a tiny little text box.

I study Product Design and Data-Centric Systems (an independent major) at Cornell University. I was originally a Computer Science major, but took some time off to make things at a product design firm called ZURB, where I realized that asking "why" is almost always more interesting than just asking "how."

My first time through Cornell I helped run POPSHOP, a student-run entrepreneurship co-working space, co-founded my own housing startup (Yorango) and worked for a computer vision startup (TaggPic). I also did a little work with the amazing people at Cornell iGEM (Cornell's Genetically Engineered Machines team).

Now that I'm back, I spend my time as Creative Director of Cornell University Sustainable Design (CUSD), a 150+ person student project team specializing in sustainable architecture. I'm responsible for brand and identity, recruitment, long-term strategy, leadership development and anything else that a manager of managers needs to do to enable a corps of highly talented engineers and creatives. With whatever time I'm not spending on CUSD, I'm trying to foster a stronger design and open data community at Cornell.

  • Education
    • Cornell University