Erin Burchfield

Partnership Director and Startup CEO in Seattle, Washington

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I'm an optimist, a planner, a just-get-it-done-er with an insatiable appetite for learning. A native Seattleite, my career journey has taken me from nonprofit to corporate to founding my own tech company. I've now come full-circle, and currently work in corporate philanthropy with a focus on supporting nonprofits through technology.

I'm also the co-founder of CEO WATTAGE: CEO Women At The Top, Achieving Gender Equality, which is dedicated to changing the ratio of women in the C-suite.

In my not-so-free time, I love to experiment in the kitchen and nerd out over the artistry and science of cooking. To burn off those calories, you will find me out on a long run, digging in my garden, hiking a new trail, or attempting to bring a bit more mindfulness into my life on a yoga mat.

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  • Work
    • Microsoft, NQuiry Inc.
  • Education
    • BA, Wesleyan University
    • MBA, Foster School of Business (U.Washington)