Esmée Chengapen

Certified Transactional Analyst in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Esmée Chengapen

Certified Transactional Analyst in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

I am a Certified Transaction Analyst (UKCP, ECP, and EATA clinical registered psychotherapist) living in Luxembourg City. I offer short and long-term relational psychotherapy to individuals. The focus of my work with each client is to develop a supportive relationship through which he or she can more fully understand the difficulties being experienced and together explore bringing about changes which can enhance the individual’s life and sense of self.

I provide an understanding and empowering space to each of my clients while acknowledging their emotional struggles and aspirations. In this process, the identity of each individual in its unique facets is recognised and welcomed.

The initial sessions are dedicated to the exploration of issues that the client is currently facing and feeling challenged by. This could lead to an agreement to work for a short period of time looking at specific issues or for a longer period to address how earlier life experiences continue to affect the person. I abide by the Ethical Principles and Code of Professional Conduct of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). I am an EMDR practitioner.

I have the extensive training in working with the following issues:

- Trauma

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Panic Attacks

- Relationship difficulties

- Grief and loss

- Low self-esteem

- Burn-out.

I offer therapy sessions in English and French.

More information on:

  • Education
    • MSc in Transactional Analysis, Metanoia Institute
    • Law School, University of Sydney