Eve Lee

Therapist and Dancer in London, UK

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Dear gentlemen,

I am flattered that you have spent a few moments of your valued time to examine my profile. My decision to become an escort girl is a reflection to my playful, freethinking personality. I can’t breathe without men. From the very moment of my maturity I found out that nothing gives me more pleasure than intimate caresses. Take my nipples between your lips and I will do everything for you. My ex-boyfriend left me, because I was “unsatiable” for carnal pleasures. But is there something wrong to be a nymphomaniac? I don’t think so. No. I think that God has invented the erogenous points, because He wants people to enjoy constantly their bodies. And who are we to dispute His will?

Before I join Asian Fantasy, I was a masseuse in Eros Massage and got some very good reviews from my clients. I had a lovely time with those girls in Eros and finally left because I wanted to explore other 'areas' in this field.

Entertaining gentlemen is a pleasure for me and I enjoy every moment of my work. So, if you are looking for an intelligent, vivacious, sensual woman... you know where to find her ;-) Discreet, refined clients are always welcome, couples also.

Best regards,