Fabian [祺沛] Lim [林]

DevSecOps Servant in Singapore

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Fabian is a DevSecOps Servant. He started his career at Intuit Inc. as a founding member of the DevSecOps movement under the mentorship of Shannon Lietz. He now serves at Twilio.com as a Cloud Security Engineer.

His passion is driven by personal experiences with the bad guys and he wants to make the software world a better place.

Fabian does this by building (and breaking) CICD pipelines - using `Security as Code`, tools, processes and controls to identify and mitigate real-world threats which are low hanging fruits for attackers.

Fabian also spends his time sharing security knowledge with his software engineer counterparts through workshops, blogs, conference talks, etc.

Fabian's other interests range from martial arts, food, wine, and travel.

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If you’d like to see my git repos, go to: https://github.com/3jmaster

  • Work
    • twilio.com
  • Education
    • Carnegie Mellon University
    • Singapore Management University