Fabian Lua


I'm a writer, business/community/product person at startups, long-distance runner, events organiser, observer of everyday design and architecture guide - I specialise in being a generalist.

I'm passionately curious about how people make decisions and life events that change trajectories.

An introvert who fakes extroversion and a jack-of-all-trades (ENFP). I always need time alone, and my dots only connect backwards.

Hoarder aspiring towards minimalism. I'm too sentimental to give things away - but I try.

I love things that slow me down: Chinese tea houses, books, meditation and art.

Singapore born-and-bred, but spent time living in the United States, Belgium and lucky to have traveled lots.

Deeply optimistic, my favourite stories are comics - Tintin, Naruto and Sonny Liew's works.

  • Work
    • Peatix
  • Education
    • MIT
    • UPenn