Faizan Munawar Varya


Faizan Munawar Varya Self Introduction

I usually say to my friends, students and followers that writing self introduction is truly an art its same as selling or advertising yourself to the world so I would like to start selling, advertising, promoting myself with the beautiful quote of my best friend regarding myself, she said to me that, “Faizan, you are, "Confident, Smart, Sharp, Sensitive, Talkative, Sensible, Sweet, Understandable, Honest, Intelligent, Brave, Courageous, Independent, Energetic, Proud, Strong and Future oriented person with amazing skills”.

I personally believe in dedication & hard working thus I began my career at the age of 16 (sixteen), my areas of expertise are “Social Media Marketing, Sales, Marketing, Customer Care & Information Technology, Writing Skills, Ghost Writing skills,” moreover, I have 7 (Seven) years professional work experience since 2007. In order to introduce myself easily and explain my personality, I have divided my introduction in five major skills which as follows:

1. Freelancer & Ghostwriter

2. Entrepreneur

3. Youth activist

4. Technologist

5. Social Media Marketing & Sales, Marketing Strategist and Expert

1. Freelancer & Ghostwriter

I am quite active freelancer I have created many websites, provided social media support, e-commerce developed more than 60 web portals, content writing assistance to hundreds of clients, I usually write for various national and international newspapers as journalist, however I am rather known in the world as Senior Editor for “Wikipedia” and Resident Editor for “The Daily News Today”

I have ghostwritten one non-fiction books, two fiction books, moreover ghostwritten hundreds of columns, articles, feature stories, made presentations, given speeches, you name it, if you are looking for a young, energetic, ghost writer so you are at right place. Mostly I take paid assignments so please do not expect me to offer you any of my services for free; because nothing is free in this world, although I do make some exceptions for extra ordinary marvelous people.

2. Entrepreneur

Without any doubt Entrepreneurship is really a spectacular ability. However pe

  • Work
    • Founder - Youth Welfare Organization
  • Education
    • University of Barcelona, Spain
    • University of Karachi, Pakistan