Hannah Sam

Portland, Oregon

I am starry nights
I am half filled cups
I am the ocean spray in the wind
I am candle lit dinners and roaring fires
I am a cricket chirp, and eagles cry
The colors of a rainbow
The wind in your hair
The scent of roses, the sound of buzzing bees
The sound of passing minutes
The taste of home-baked bread
A feisty grizzly mother
A timid bunny rabbit
A lazy tiger cat
A playful brown-nosed puppy
A soaring osprey, a slithering gardener

I've always been a poet, though I'm also quite logical
I try to maintain positive relationships with people I know
I am passionate about helping people
I learn best through action
I know that I have many things to learn
I am ready to take on the challenges of life

I am a Mary Kay consultant as well as an Assistant Board Manager at a university campus cafeteria. I am going to school for my Masters in Health Sciences and eventually I will become a stay at home mom who works from home.

  • Work
    • Assistant Board Manager
  • Education
    • B.S Interdisciplinary: Education, Psychology, Religion