Fareeha Khan

Washington, D.C.

I'm Currently working in the legal field, but I'm...

Looking For: Position as a Strategist in an innovative, collaborative, and fun company.

Goals: I'm ready to tackle new projects. After working for two years since graduating uni, I've found that I'm most inspired when I have room to be creative: through writing, design, and coming up with new ideas to motivate myself and those around me. I volunteer with OPEN D.C., an entrepreneur network, in strategizing youth engagement initiatives and I work on marketing campaigns. Right now, we're planning for our 15th anniversary annual event this Winter.

Upon realizing that the kind of experiences I'm drawn to are innovative, collaborative, open, engaging and with tight-knit groups, I found that I want to work for an agency or a start up doing marketing strategy. I would love the chance to work hands on with branding, design, community development, event planning and creative direction.

Side Project Steez: I launched a blog with two of my best friends called Chai & Chats, an inspirational place for art, design, travel, foodie love & musings. Right now, I'm working on a project called Creative Pursuits, profiling different young people, attempting to explore the heart of what creativity is and why it's important to devote yourself to what you are passionate about.

Other Interests:

  • Education
    • George Mason University