Fariedz Syachridzal

He was a student of National Institute of Technology, majoring Electrical Engineering and student of University of Padjadjaran, majoring Government of science

Ever since I was a grade school student until now he was active in various organizations, ranging from the Boy Scouts, Head of Junior High School student council, Public Relation OSIS SMA N 22 Jakarta, Member of Jasiscom (Jakarta OSIS Community), volunteers YCAB (Foundation for Children Love the Nation) , Greenpeace, Save the children, and engaged in several social organizations.

Organizational activities since college, he still did not stop, starting at the Department of Student Association, believed to be the Minister of Science Governance Entrepreneurship HIMA UNPAD, a member of the Commission 2 FOKKERMAPI (Forum komunikasi dan kerjasama mahasiswa Ilmu Pemerintahan Se-indonesia). other than that he was also active in protocols Fisip Unpad (PFU), and eventually believed to be the Consular PPSDM (Training and Human Resource Development).

He was not only active in the campus but outside he was active in youth organizations such as AMRI (Angkatan Muda Republik Indonesia), Gen-A (Generasi A), JCI (Junior Chamber International)Chapter of Bandung and the latter is active in Himpunan Pengusaha Muda (HIPMI Kota Bandung)

He is believed to be the Public Relations Council AMRI West Java since 2011. Organizations experience of bringing it to the participants of Youth Parliament 2011 held by the House of Representatives (DPR RI)

organization does not make him forget the academic side, this is evidenced by the election he became an exchange student to the university science malaysia & University Malaya. other than that he was a scholarship recipient in UNPAD & ITENAS.

After experiencing the sweet and bitter organizing, fariedz began to explore his talent in the field, namely the field of business. Since March 2011 he founded a business called RFN Inv, RFN Inv engaged in the convection shirts, jackets, shirts and everything to do with fabrics. After that could go well, in June he began to seek his fortune in mining (nickel and coal), coffee, agribusiness and other crops commudity. Experience to be active in various organizations in carrying out his stock for his efforts today.

Now he is trying to develop its business by forming ARIEDAYA PERKASA Group is engaged in general trading & industry-creative.

He have motto "Change your problem with smi