Fariza Nurilla Rahma

Fariza Nurilla Rahma

Fariza Nurilla Rahma (was born on January 23th, 1995 in Jakarta, Indonesia) is a batavian-sundanese-chinese blooded girl who lives in Serang, Banten, but now she is stays in Malang, East Java, for studying Chinese Literature in Brawijaya University.

As known as Icha, she is officially 19 this year. She loves singing, dancing, photography and try a something new. She has a slanting eyes with black straight hair, was right-handed. 169 cm height, and 43 kg weight. She's a komikus, sleepless dreamer, caffeine-kisser, movie enthusiast.


A mad fan of Queen, Taylor Swift, Coldplay, and Bieber. For now, she's havin fun alone in her bedroom covering songs and posts it on Soundcloud. Peek her quietly, here: Soundcloud


Real Madrid, twitter, Swift's songs, white-black, Hello Kitty, Adriana Lima, italian foods, traveling anywhere, kdrama, lipsmacker addict, Running Man, romance comics, petal of flower, puppies, Kim Woo-bin, polaroids, doughnuts, fantasy movies, shopping a classic and old thingy, coffee is her kryptonite.