Farris Rosen

marketing and Sales in Altadena, California

Since the age of 8 I've been in business. I started my entrepreneurial days by scaling the trees surrounding my childhood home in Carmel Valley, collecting mistletoe, then placing it in to individual little baggies to sell.

I would gather my bags of mistletoe and sell them at church, where folks brought their cash, which was probably, of course, meant for tithing. Sales were a cinch; after all, it's easy to grab attention when you are toothless and 4 feet tall.

I did this each week, making my first self-earned dollars, until the mistletoe died off and another adventure grabbed my attention. I strive to approach each opportunity with the same 8 year-old zest for life and natural simplicity.


Created a large-scale marketing campaign that connected organic products with new parents at discharge from maternity ward. Successfully launched a full-service travel agency using marketing tactics which included word of mouth, referral incentives, social media engagement, blogging, and by negotiating marketing exposure in exchange for facilitating vendor donations to charity events.


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