Frederik Hochmuth

Born August 29th, Frederik grew up between instruments, computer hardware and taiwanese toys. He developed an interest for music at the age of six, when he pointed to a huge black thing at a classical concert. His parents Reiner and Susanne, both classical trained musicians, made sure he could start taking piano lessons shortly after. At the age of ten Frederik discovered Guns'n'Roses and with it the coolest instrument on the planet - the guitar. Fascinated by the sound of rock he knew piano would not be the only instrument in his life. Two years later he started his first band with his brother and best friend and until today he never stopped playing music. After graduation (Abitur) in 2000, he quickly finished his social service and after a short orientation period he started his appreticeship to become a certified audio engineer in 2006 (Fachkraft für Veranstaltungstechnik IHK). Since then he was part of over a thousand events, mixed over five hundred bands and worked with almost all the big companies there are. He has recorded and produced numerous records, demos, composed jingles and songs, done layouts and graphic designs and is a qualified allround full service provider for commercial media. His skills, manners and work ethics have built up to a great reputation within his customers.

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