Farshid Bagheri Saravi

I am a dreamer, a dreamer of freedom, a dreamer of pure equality, a dreamer of a world which have been filled with respects. My name is Farshid Bagheri Saravi and it is a persian name. Although I brought up in a conservative Country, I have found humanity the most important common ground.

I have found out that you can be anything with any religion from anywhere with any skin color but as long as your lungs enjoy fresh air you are a human like all of your kind. And as long as you believe in moral quotes your religion is not important.

GOD is extreme, time-less and place less but he can be as big as your dream and as small as your understanding. And my GOD don’t like bloodsheds and wars in any kind for any people.

I am a Computer Network Engineer, you can find a lot about me in my Weblog.

I wrote and co-published some papers and I hold CCNA, CCNP, MCTS, MCITP Enterprise Administrator, MCITP Server Administrator, MCP certificates and I’ve done bunch of network and network security jobs.

My Resume is in progress.

You can be my friend; I enjoy friends from any culture.